Modern business has come a long way since the days of scratch pads and static, clunky cash registers. Today’s restaurants and retail spaces need point of sale solutions that move beyond order-taking and sales transactions. As the modern consumer begins to demand increased interaction with the sales environment, it’s only natural that point of sale becomes more multifaceted as well.

Vortex Solutions helps modern businesses integrate next-generation point of sale (POS) systems to streamline the final sales transaction as well as enable employees and consumers alike with an intuitive platform to interact with multiple aspects of the business. A well-designed POS system allows you to manage each and every step of your customer’s purchase experience. The Vortex POS team can help you pinpoint the perfect POS system for your needs.

Modern POS Systems Offer Unprecedented Flexibility

Unlike the cash registers of old, today’s next-generation POS systems offer almost endless options designed to meet every need of your business. From inventory to labor to interactive self-service, these systems combine an entire office full of records, software programs, and hardware technology into one tool. Depending on your needs, you can put that tool into the hands of anyone who needs access.

Frequently-utilized, next-generation POS features include:

  • Mobile POS. Cloud-based tablet POS allows employees to circulate and assist customers or allows customers to place orders and experience your product on their own. Or, anchor a stationary POS as a stand-alone or “checkout”-level kiosk.
  • Online Ordering. True, omnichannel technology allows customers to utilize personal devices to access not only your inventory but your entire brand experience. Streamlining the customer experience ensures a quick turnaround and satisfied, repeat customers.
  • Advanced Analytics. Easily accessible with a touch, today’s POS systems enhance your access to guest experience, labor reporting, inventory, ordering, payroll, and other back office tools previously relegated to individual add-ons.
  • Back-of-House Displays. For quick-serve, bar, and sit-down restaurant establishments alike – as well as for traditional retail – the ability to view an order the moment it occurs can mean the difference between a two-minute and a fifteen-minute wait. Streamlining back-of-house operations gets your product to your customers much more quickly and accurately.

Invest in a POS System From Vortex Solutions

Of course, the above is not a comprehensive list of the features available from Vortex Solutions’ wide range of next-generation POS systems. Each has its own unique attributes as well as a set of trademark capabilities restaurant and retail businesses have come to rely on. Currently, Vortex is a certified seller of:

  • Aloha POS. NCR/Aloha is one of the restaurant industry’s most recognizable POS systems and is ideal for both quick service and table service establishments.
  • Aldelo Cloud POS. Adlelo specializes in iPad Cloud POS, but it also offers kiosk and Windows-based POS solutions.
  • Oracle MICROS POS. Potentially the industry leader in restaurant and bar POS, MICROS is the largest hospitality POS system in the world.
  • Toast POS. Designed and built specifically for the restaurant industry, Toast specializes in static, handheld, and customer mobile ordering and delivery.
  • Revel Systems POS. Revel specializes in handheld POS for iPads and similar tablets, and aims to connect the front and back of the house like never before.

If you’ve been considering installing a next-generation POS system for your modern business, we have the solution for you. Let Vortex Solutions help you choose the POS system that matches your needs and tailor it to fit your business model, employees, and clientele. Contact us today to learn more about what a POS system can do for you.