Software Development

Countless businesses rely on innumerable software applications to complete their day-to-day tasks. Many companies take advantage of software packages offered by the leading technology companies, but other companies may require something more specifically tailored to their unique operations. Vortex Solutions offers software development solutions for scalable, reliable, and secure software applications for businesses of all sizes.

Why Develop Proprietary Software?

Off-the-shelf commercial software applications may work for your company for now, but these applications aim to satisfy a large user base with varying individual needs. Helping you with specifics will likely be more difficult. Many companies find that, although software from Microsoft or other major commercial developers can be reliable and secure, it may not have the right features for every business. These companies may have the resources to spend on extensive large-scale testing to ensure safe and reliable software products, but it comes at a cost. Choosing these applications essentially trades customization for security.

Commercial software solutions involves several other drawbacks, too, such as:

  • When you choose a software vendor, you must rely on that vendor for ongoing support. If a vendor decides to end support for a software application you use everyday, you may have very little notice before needing to migrate your user base to a new application.
  • Most major software companies require license fees from their business clients. Depending on how many employees you have who need access to a software application, license fees can quickly become a significant portion of your enterprise technology overhead.
  • A boxed software application aims to be useful to the greatest number of users, but most cannot provide individualized experiences. They often include unwanted features that diminish user experience and slow work processes.

Sticking with boxed software applications for businesses may be enough to get a company going, but this is essentially putting your operation into a box that could become very expensive escape. Instead, why not invest in a unique software application just for your enterprise?

Benefits of Your Own Software Development Team

When you partner with Vortex Solutions on software development for your company, our software development experts will work closely with your team to develop a customized software application that meets your exact specifications in terms of security, compatibility, and ease of use.

Instead of a boxed software application that doesn’t have the features you need and a bunch of features you don’t want, the software developers at Vortex Solutions can help you develop a customized application to your exact specifications with several advantages over boxed software solutions:

  • Proprietary software offers the lowest cost of ownership over time. After the initial development costs, you will spend far less on tech support and will not need to worry about subscriptions or license fees no matter how large your enterprise grows.
  • Vortex Solutions can integrate your new software application with your legacy systems, which means no more compatibility issues like you would face by using commercial business software.
  • Your own software provides you with a competitive advantage in your niche; your competition may face delays and higher operating costs, which enables you to provide better customer experiences.

These are just a few of the benefits of investing in proprietary business software for your organization. Contact Vortex Solutions today to learn more about our software development services.

Website Design Services

Your company’s website is often the very first exposure potential customers have to your business. How is your first impression? If you’re unsure whether you’re really putting your best foot forward, Vortex Solutions can work with you to determine which aspects of your website are working for you and which are potentially giving the wrong impression and losing you business.

Custom designed websites from Vortex Solutions solve this problem with:

  • Better user experience. A custom Vortex Solution website provides UX that is head and shoulders above any template website out there. Better yet, web applications and interactive features designed specifically for your page are much more effective at providing a seamless experience from browsing to purchase.
  • Better brand representation. What better way to ensure your website accurately portrays your branding than with a custom Vortex Solutions website, tailored to your needs?
  • Better aesthetics. No more bland, cookie-cutter websites – Vortex Solutions guarantees a beautiful, creatively designed website your customers are sure to remember.

Mobile App

Vortex Solutions specializes in application development, designed to help your business connect with your customers on an elevated level. Our experts will collaborate with you, keeping in constant communication to ensure an app that is tailored to meet your needs. Meanwhile, industry-best coding practices ensure you receive an app that has the longevity necessary to serve you and your customers for years to come.

Currently, Vortex Solutions develops:

  • mobile apps
  • web apps
  • custom hosted software
  • cloud-based software
  • comprehensive IT support for all services