Modern business marketing has a new media darling – the explainer video. This new tactic has quickly become the number one way to provide potential customers with all of the quick and dirty essentials businesses want them to know to proceed with a purchase. However, there’s another – even more practical – side to explainer videos.

What Makes Explainer Videos Effective?

The flurry of Google algorithm changes over recent years has placed a high importance on the amount of time the average visitor spends on your website, ranking sites with a high percentage of lengthy visits much closer to the top of the results page. While research shows that online video can hold user attention unlike any other media, the type of video is important; video must be engaging enough to keep users on your page, while remaining relevant and informative enough to convert them into customers.

It’s a tall order that can sometimes be accomplished without voice. Music, for example, can capture the attention of many users; text, similarly, can convey a simple message with great emphasis. Often, however, voice over proves a very effective means to engaging and informing your customers in a way that blocks of text cannot.

What Are the Benefits to Voice Over?

People feel an emotional connection to the sound of the human voice, beginning as early as in utero. It makes sense, then, that Vortex Solutions voice over service is an excellent way to capture and hold attention so your explainer video can complete your pitch. Voice is much more than an attention-getter. Some of the major benefits to voice over are:

  • Clarity. Of course, you want your voice over to come through clearly, and Vortex Solutions always guarantees high-quality voice over services for all your video needs. However, voice over offers clarity of ideas, as well.
  • Does your business, product, or objective require lengthy explanation? Does the idea of reading a block of text transposed over your explainer video seem tedious? If so, a brief verbal explanation often solves the problem.
  • Retention of information. Humans simply internalize information better when they see, hear, and read it at the same time. Including voice over in your explainer video helps ensure your brand’s message reaches your potential customers in every way possible.
  • Authority and credibility. Regardless of your business type, product, or service, you must exude a sense of trustworthiness to inspire users to enter their personal information and make a sale. The right voice over can instill confidence in your site and your business and ensure your potential customers are receptive to your branding.
  • Quality. On a similar note, if your explainer video seems low-quality or hastily put together, potential customers may assume the same about your business’s product or service. Conversely, a quality video with professional-sounding, human voice over reflects the practices of a highly-effective business that likely sells quality products.

Why Invest in Voice Over Services?

Vortex Solutions offers the very best in professional voice over for your explainer videos and other web marketing tools. Professional voice over services lend that extra credibility and quality edge, putting your video over the top when so many others utilize robotically voiced or silent videos. The increase in conversion rates speaks for itself – professional voice over is worth the time and effort.

Are you ready to add voice over or other video elements to your online marketing arsenal? Our team has the resources you need and the quality you want to make the best possible impression on all your potential clients. Contact Vortex Solutions for more information about this and many other media services.