Mobile App and Custom Built Software

Whether your company is B2B or B2C, your clients have needs and you want to answer those needs. In fact, every single sector of modern business exists today to meet a need, and any action you can take as a business owner to enhance customer access to your product or service will have a positive effect on your bottom line. Perhaps the most important question you can ask yourself when it comes to growing your business is – what problems have you encountered that prevent you from meeting your client’s needs?

Are your employees unable to access thorough client data when assisting a customer? Is today’s technology unable to interface with your software? Or, are you missing a key component or friendly user interface that allows consumers to access your brand? Vortex Solutions has the answer for these problems and more.

With a Vortex Solutions web or mobile application, you can:

  • Improve front-end interactions with customers
  • Increase data collection efforts while decreasing entry errors
  • Securely access and share collected data or records
  • Streamline your workflow
  • Save money

Vortex Builds Custom Apps and Software

No matter the problem your business is experiencing, there’s a Vortex mobile app, web app, or custom software solution. We will work closely with you and any stakeholders to determine your specific needs and arrive at an ideal solution. Depending on the functionality you’re looking for, a mobile app, web app, or custom software may be the answer you’re looking for; Vortex Solutions can custom build any application so that it is a perfect fit for you.

Once your ideal solution is in sight, Vortex continues communications during the development process, ensuring your end product remains aligned with your needs and changing goals. Consistent, aptly timed user testing helps us refine your application and eliminates unnecessary function while streamlining the essentials. By the end of our collaboration, you’ll have a customized app or software program that flawlessly executes your desired purpose.

What Can You Expect From a Vortex Solutions App?

Regardless of the end goal or type of application you need, you can expect multiple guarantees, including:

  • 100% custom web or mobile apps and software. The development process doesn’t begin until we’ve worked with you to finalize an end goal for your application. Throughout the process, communication will remain open to ensure attention to your changing needs reflects the appropriate changes to your application.
  • Long-lasting, relevant applications. No more overhauls due to stagnant coding. Although the mobile and web app world is ever-changing, Vortex Solutions uses industry-best and up to the minute coding to ensure the longevity of your app.
  • Luxury of choice. No matter your business’s needs, we can design a web app, mobile app, or software solution to meet your expectations. Choose from Cloud or on-premises solutions.
  • Complete IT support. If you’re experiencing slowing, downtime, or other IT issues, Vortex Solutions offers real-time support and consulting. We’ll protect your data, recover any losses, and provide custom cloud solutions for remote access while recovery occurs.

Time to Address Your Business’s Needs?

Vortex Solutions can help you craft the missing pieces your business needs to complete your customer service picture. Custom-designed apps or software and our best in the business IT support help ensure you’re reaching as many potential clients as possible, while maintaining information security. For help identifying your missing components and a customized app solution, contact Vortex today.