Media Services

Digital media is the modern business answer to the billboard. In this digital age, staying competitive in your industry requires content that can not only catch a user’s attention, but hold it long enough to convey your brand message. Vortex Solutions is proud to offer a wide variety of media-based solutions to address your business’s marketing needs. Our creative, attractive media products are exciting enough to draw the eye and expertly crafted to portray your business’s unique personality.

Graphic Design

Even if your website is functional and easy to use, a bland, boring website conveys the wrong image about your business. At Vortex Solutions, we know that nothing represents your brand quite like digital graphics. A digital graphics package from Vortex Solutions consists of multiple design elements, including:

  • web elements, such as headers
  • logos
  • fonts
  • color schemes
  • images and gifs
  • video

We will work with you to establish your brand’s identity, with the goal of crafting graphics that truly speak to consumers regarding your mission, values, and products. Rest assured that you are always part of the process – Vortex Solutions offers unmatched collaboration and customer service throughout the duration of your project.

Voice Over

If you’ve noticed conversion rates slipping in recent years, the culprit may be a lack of dynamic content on your homepage. Are your potential customers aware of your company’s purpose? If not, consider an explainer video geared towards providing a brief overview of who you are and what you do.

Vortex Solutions offers voice over services to enhance your explainer video. Our professional voice over experts provide the personal touch necessary in the digital age, while elaborating on your brand’s identity in a way text cannot.

This is just a brief overview of the media services Vortex Solutions has to offer. Visit our individual service page or contact us today for more information.