Every business owner, from the newest start-ups to the most well-established retailers, shares a common goal – to make money. If you’ve found the right formula for success in your industry, you’ve met that goal and have likely moved on to finding a way to grow your business. In both situations, however, you have a wealth of customers willing to purchase your product or service and one key decision to make – what is the best way to take payment?

In most cases, you must decide between traditional merchant services or a payment processing service. For many businesses, merchant service providers are the best choice; you’ll get comprehensive payment solutions backed by a trusted provider with years of service in the industry. With Vortex Solutions’ merchant services, you get the best of both worlds.

What Are Merchant Services?

Merchant service providers serve as an intermediate entity between you, your customers, and your bank account. When your customers want to pay you for goods or services, a merchant service provider gives you the means to accept the payment, then moves the resulting money to your bank account. This provides your business, the customer, and the bank with security in the event that any fraud exists with the payment

Your merchant service provider is the source for all your payment acceptance equipment, such as credit card readers, point of sale terminals, mobile card readers, and more. In addition, your provider can help you integrate online payments into your existing software capabilities. Overall, if your business requires full payment acceptance capabilities at a brick and mortar store, via mobile device, and online, a merchant services provider will fit your needs.

Why Vortex Solutions?

At Vortex, we realize you have a variety of choices when it comes to customer payments, including other merchant service providers and payment acceptance service providers. Why should you choose Vortex?

  • EMV Compliance. Vortex Solutions is fully EMV compliant, allowing you to accept payment from major credit and debit cards featuring EMV security chips. These chips are faster and more secure than traditional magnetic strips, and decrease the risk of fraud. Many small businesses fail to recover from a credit card breach, and EMV compliance is the best way to prevent it.
  • Integrated POS Support. Vortex offers a wide range of the industry’s most popular point of sale terminals, all scalable with your business and ready to accept payments from most payment sources. No matter what your industry, Vortex has a POS that meets your needs.
  • Mobile Processing. Vortex supports a variety of mobile and remote payments, including online payments, payment by phone, and mobile readers compatible with your mobile device for payments on the go. When your customers are ready to make a purchase, we’ll help you take payment of any type.
  • Quick and Easy Setup. The application is simple, approval takes place in minutes, and our rates and fees are at a minimum. What’s more, Vortex is proud to offer comprehensive support for any issue you may have with your payment gateway.

Are you ready to experience what merchant services from Vortex Solutions can do for you? Fill out our easy application today and get your approval almost instantly. Or, contact us for more information and see the Vortex difference. Your customers are waiting to pay you!