Credit Card Services

All businesses share a similar challenge, whether a small ecommerce business, a food truck, or a large retail store – they all need a way to accept payment. In the past, small businesses in the United States preferred cash, but the digital age has made that more difficult. In today’s ever technological world, most customers prefer to pay with a credit or debit card.

As a modern business owner, you’ve likely put a great deal of time into expanding your customer base and increasing your service or product’s reach. However, to stay competitive, you must be able to accept payment when your customers decide to make the conversion from browsers into buyers. Today, this means you must have the ability to process credit and debit cards in an ever-increasing variety of ways.

Vortex Credit Card Services Has the Solution For You

Don’t take the risk of not accepting credit card payments – that goes for taco trucks to large retailers. Even in traditional cash-rich environments, potential customers are increasingly likely to want to use a credit card. Failure to accept the most common form of payment in the country can mean losing customers to one of the many competitors who do.

Vortex Solutions offers a host of merchant services and payment services that can be scaled to fit your growing business. No matter what your needs, there’s a Vortex solution for you. With on-the-go mobile pay, traditional credit card readers, and a variety of other payment processing options, you’ll be able to take payment at a moment’s notice.

Vortex Merchant Services

Traditional merchant services through Vortex provides an intermediary between your bank, your customers, and your business, ensuring payment security on all sides. Our payment gateways offer the best in the business security, government and banking industry compliance, and a range of flexible options that can be scaled to fit your growing business.

Our merchant services include:

  • Traditional credit card reader service
  • Integrated point of sale solutions for retail, restaurant and other business types
  • Mobile credit card processing compatible with most device types
  • Online payments for your ecommerce business
  • EMV compliance for digitally chipped credit and debit cards
  • Payment by phone

Applying for a Vortex merchant services account is quick and easy. Most applications are completed within minutes, and you’ll have your answer almost instantly. Best of all, you’ll have industry-best rates on equipment and processing, and some of the lowest fees in the business.

Vortex Payment Acceptance

If your business is constantly on the go, you’ll need the ability to accept payment almost anywhere. Vortex’s streamlined payment acceptance services afford you the ability to accept payments on the go without opening a separate merchant services account with us. If your business requires the freedom to conduct business outside the office, payment acceptance services can provide what you need

Vortex pleased to offer these payment acceptance services:

  • Mobile PSP services
  • Online payments
  • Integrated point of sale solutions
  • EMV support
  • Bill payment

See What Vortex Solutions Can Offer Your Business

Credit card acceptance is essential in the digital age, and Vortex Solutions can help. For more information regarding our merchant services or payment acceptance services, contact us today for a consultation. We will work with you to determine a credit card payment solution that fits your business model.